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I'm Rashema!

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I am the CEO and Founder of Pain Into PURPOSE an organization that helps individuals and communities transform through life coaching, motivational speaking, and consulting. Through our work we support individuals striving to overcome adversity to live purposefully and institutions aiming to better serve marginalized communities.

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Pain is not in the way,

it is the way!


I am a motivational speaker, life coach, and consultant and I support trauma-impacted individuals and communities as they transform their trauma into power, passion, and purpose. I've learned to leverage the skills and lessons I have honed from the many traumatic experiences I've had to lead a life of purpose. Now, I help others do the same by showing them that their pain is not in the way, it is the way to purpose.

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In 1995, I was birthed in the impoverished streets of Southeast Washington, D.C., and raised by a single mom with 6 kids. Statistics predicted my failure before I even took my first steps. Yet, I am the girl who dared to have hope and follow the light, even though I was purposely tucked in the shadows of poverty, and was never supposed to have escaped. I have dealt with so many tumultuous experiences, and overcame them through blood, sweat, and tears.

FROM homeless valedictorian to success on my own terms

In 2019 when I graduated from Georgetown University, with a Bachelor's Degree in Justice and Peace Studies, becoming a 1st generation college student to receive a college degree. In2021, I became a 1st generation entrepreneur, and founded Pain Into PURPOSE consulting. In 2022, I became a 1st generation homebuyer.

In order to stay motivated, I use five key words to keep me motivated: RESILIENCE, PERSEVERANCE, DISCIPLINE, DETERMINATION, and DEDICATION.

I am a Survivor, a Victor, a Child of God, Servant Leader, and most importantly a Whole HUMAN BEING. My life is comprised of many experiences that make me who I am, and I can't wait to share that with the world through my work.

I am currently working with multiple non-profits organizations, government agencies, and grassroot campaigns; helping to dismantle oppressive systems, gradually leading individuals experiencing homelessness to self-sufficiency, and guiding others to finding their purpose.



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C0-Leading HUD’s Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs Unsheltered TA (technical assistance) to 32 Continuums of Care (CoCs) receiving an Unsheltered Homelessness Set Aside award through the Special NOFO.  

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Construct and submit proposals for NCH to receive grant funding to further their initiatives.

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Co-authored “Re-imagining Interim Housing” to help people and Homelessness Response System providers transform their approach to sheltering people experiencing homelessness.

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Served as an advocate, career coach, personal advisor, and role model through the Earl Wood Scholar Mentorship program. Provided mentees with advice and resources needed to help them succeed within their chosen degree and develop skills necessary for their professional career.

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Helped 33 communities throughout California redesign their CoCs (Continuum of Care) and Coordinated Entry program policies and processes with equity to their clients experiencing homelessness. Helped reframe and integrate equitable and person-first language into System Performance Measures.


We're currently working to redesign their systems and training their team to guarantee that all clients including BIPOC, LGBTQIA, youth, members experiencing disability, and senior citizens are cared for and served with dignity and equity.

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Created several products for HUD’s various Stimulus Response Core (SRC) lanes including Program and Practice (P&P), Rehousing & Coordinated Investment Planning (RCIPS), Coordinated Entry (CE), and People With Lived Expertise and Expertise (PLEE).


Led the LivedEx Affinity team and helped 6 different communities form core teams and conduct Coordinated Entry mapping, Power Mapping, and create, test, and pilot 2 Racial Equity
Improvement projects. Which overall helped to form strategies and action steps to improve the experience of Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color engaging within the Homelessness Response System.

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Led multiple in person and remote
workshops to teach agencies, community stakeholders & leaders of the Las Vegas S1 communities how to implement human-centered approaches, and restorative practices within their policies, process, and engagement with clients.

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Recruited allied organizations and developed relationships with leaders to pass federal legislation to address homelessness and develop the campaign’s equity-focused policy agenda.

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Led the People with Lived Experience and Expertise (PLEE) team to audit and restructure processes and policies for the Homelessness Response System incorporating person-first language, human-centered designs, and equity, while eliminating language barriers and uplifting & including the in voices of individuals with lived experience of homelessness.

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