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Success stories

"Working with Rashema is a joy and a pleasure. The framework that she brings to the fields is one of liberation and empowerment—offering the opportunity to both see the system for all of its downfalls and oppressive dynamics [while also] offer[ing] a new way of seeing things: an ability to see the power that we have to change and challenge the way things are done and create something new in community. Her vision of how things can be done differently paired with her deep compassion allow you to feel like together you can make the world a better place."

Jane Moretta-Miller

Corporation for Supportive Housing

"Rashema Melson is a dynamic professional who brings high energy, dedication and a unique perspective to her work. A consistent high-performer, I can always depend on high quality results when working with her. Highly recommended!"

Dana Woolfolk

D Woolfolk Consulting

Dana Woolfolk Headshot.jpg

Rashema is an amazing advocate and strategist to ensure equity is integrated in the homeless services response system within communities. Her personal experience and professional history allows her to bring a dynamic lens to this space which is a great asset to anyone who gets the honor of working with her.

Maseta Dorley
MDM Consulting

Sheena Barnes Headsot.jpg

"I appreciate Rashema approach and patience while helping me transition into my position with leading my department in racial equity."

Sheena Barnes 

Toledo Lucas County Homelessness Board

I have been working with Rashema since around April of 2022, she hosted Skill Exchange sessions for community members who are currently experiencing or who have experienced homelessness where we learned about our many skills, how to thrive and help others, and grow together as individuals but also as a community of people. We worked on Relationship Building, Development Skills, Mental Health, and Financial Literacy. I can honestly say she will be one of those people that stay in my contacts for years to come, and was and truly is a blessing and a huge part of me blossoming into a strong BIPOC, who now knows that what I have to offer is invaluable. I learned how to speak up and out about my trials because that is what has helped refine me to the woman I am today! Blessings to you Rashema and thank you for all the work you do!

Simikka Milligan

TPCH- Lived-ex advocate

"Thank you for all you do. Thank you for the way you've opened up my eyes, and helped me be a kinder soul to those I serve."


Operation Home

Very Loving! Compassionate! Powerful Speaker. Excellent work ethics, challenging and a fearless attitude, especially when sharing her Lived Experience. She's a Blessing to others!

Don L. Gardner

National Coalition for the Homeless/ HUD-TA

"I had the pleasure of learning from and being coached by Rashema. I find Rashema extremely relatable and appreciate the way racial equity was introduced... I really appreciated the sessions that I got to hear about and from people with lived experience. Listening to the stories of how they use their platforms and project their voices in meaningful and beneficial ways. As a person with lived experience myself, really still in the beginning stage of advocacy, I walked away with a clearer understanding of how to use mine..."

Ranee Rock

MN Suburban Metro Area of Continuum (SMAC)

Ranee Rock Headshot Picture.jpg

"I personally thank Rashema for her valuable direction and expertise with her amazing successful history she was an asset to our local Sacramento team. Her raw facilitation and thought provoking coaching supported the team with our journey to achieve short-term goals and create innovative alternatives to the standard assessments that left out our traditionally marginalized groups who face housing disparities. Her coaching contribution was a major part of the success achieved in our cohort."

Zuri K. Colbert

Community Lead Advocacy Program (CLAP)


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